What to do if your Swile Card has been lost or stolen?

First, start by temporarily freezing your card đź”’.

The card will no longer be in use, but you can unfreeze it later if you find it. Check for any fraudulent charges and be sure that the amounts, date and time correspond to your own transactions. Please be aware that the administrative name of a business doesn't always match the store name. So double-check the date/time to know whether it was you or not. 

Declare your card as lost

If it turns out you can't find your card, here's how to get a new one:

  1. Log in to your Swile account
  2. Click on My Swile Cards and  then select the card you have lost.
  3. Click on Deactivate card and then Confirm.

As soon as the loss declaration has been made, you will get an email so that you can order a new one!

Here's some visuals to help 👇


đź’ˇ Good to know

Only the replacement of your main card will be at your employer's expense. If you declare a secondary card as lost, you are responsible for reordering costs. Here's how to order an additional card.

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