How does Swile Card work?

You've just received your Swile Card or just a little curious? Here's some info that will help with any burning questions.

How do I activate my account and my card?

We explain how to activate your card here. 💪

Where is Swile Card accepted?

For meal vouchers 🍔:

  • Use your card in all restaurants in France that have been approved by the Commission Nationale des titres-restaurant (The national French organization responsible for managing and regulating the use of meal vouchers). Your card is also accepted on delivery platforms like Deliveroo or Uber Eats. Find out more on how meal vouchers work here.

For gift vouchers 🎁:

  • Use your card directly in stores, online or on Swile's Deals & Discounts platform
    Find out more in this article.


💡 Whatever the employee benefit offered by your company, go to the interactive Swile map ( Where to spend section of your account) to find out what retailers are near you!

How to manage my account?

Directly from your Swile app (or from a computer) manage your account and card in real time:

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