I've already activated my account, how do I activate my Swile Card?

You have received your Swile card and now want to use it, here's how to activate it quickly!

How do I activate my Swile Card from my computer? đŸ’»

Once logged into your Swile account, click on the my Swile Cards section.

If you have several cards, be careful to choose the same card as the one you want to activate (tip: check that the last 4 digits of your card to match).

Then click on Activate my card and fill in the 9 digits on the back. To finalize the activation click Activate my card immediately.

Here's some visuals to help 👇

How do I activate my card from my Swile App? đŸ“±

Once the Swile App has been downloaded, log into your account, go to the last icon at the bottom right of your screen, then click on My Swile Cards.

All you have to do is click on Activate my card, enter the 9 digits on the back of your card and click on Activate!
Here's some visuals to help 👇

My account is not yet activated

If you go here and your email address is not recognized, it indicates that your account is not yet active. Don't worry, we've got you covered!

Click here to find out how to activate your account and card.

The identifier (the 9 digits on the back of the card)seems incorrect.

At Swile, it's possible to have several cards at the same time!

If the error message below appears, it means that the card you received is not the one you are trying to activate.

To view all the attached cards from your Swile App, remember to swipe to the right. Then select the card you have in your hands (take a look at the last 4 digits) and enter the identifier to activate it.

Good to know

The 9 digits on the back of your card let you access your PIN. To see it, click on Show PIN code .

💡 Your first payment must be made with your PIN (not contactless).

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