How do I order and activate an additional card?

At Swile, you can link multiple cards to your account. Here's how to order a backup card.

What are additional cards?

This is a card associated with your Swile account, just like your primary card (physical or virtual). This means that with your two cards, you will be able to spend a maximum of €38/day in meal vouchers. Find out all about the values you can spend with your Swile card here).

How to order an additional card?

  • From a computer, once logged into your Swile account, go to My Swile Cards, then click Order new card (top right).
  • From the Swile App, tap the last icon at the bottom right of your screen, then Swile Cards, then tap the + sign at the top right of your screen.

Follow the delivery and, if required, payment instructions. Your card will arrive within 8 business days at the address indicated 💌.

How do I activate my additional card?

The card is linked to your Swile account and activated the same way as your primary card (here's the article in case you forgot). Go to your account and click My Swile Cards.

You can find your PIN the same way as your primary card in the My Swile cards section then Show PIN code. Please note, this PIN is different than the one associated to your primary card.

💡 Good to know

Don't forget to make your first payment using your PIN! 😊

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