I received a card in my company's name (anonymous card), how does it work?

Have you just received a card in the name of your company? You therefore have an anonymous card! 

1. Activate a company card

Activating is easy! Everything happens on your Swile account. 

Once logged in, go to My Swile Cards then on Activate card  just below the mention "You currently do not have a Swile Card associated with your account. Upon receipt, activate it and find out your PIN code by clicking below".

Enter the 9-digit identifier on the back of your card: it is now activated! 🎉




2. Find PIN

To find out your four-digit PIN, go to the My Swile cards tab (from your account) and click on Show PIN code  👉 everything is explained here!

💡 Good to know

  • The activation of a company card can only be done from a computer... For the moment 😉. We advise you to use a Google Chrome type browser for better efficiency!

  • Your company card cannot be added to your phone (Apple Pay or Google Pay) for security reasons.

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