How do I pay with Apple Pay and Google Pay?

Pay with your smartphone or watch by linking your Swile Card to your Apple or Google Pay wallet. Find out how in this article.

How do I add my Swile Card to my phone?

Go to your Swile App then click on the last tab (bottom right) of your screen. From My Swile Cards select the card you want to add to your phone. Click on Go further with Apple/Google Pay then follow the instructions.

Here's some visuals to help 👇



Why pay with your phone?

If you have a virtual card, this feature will allow you to spend your benefits in stores!

It's also quite useful if you ever forget your wallet.

💡 Good to know

Adding your card to your smartphone is only possible when you have a balance! Here's how to check your balance.

Each transaction generates a unique code and uses a number unique to your device. Neither your device nor Apple's servers store your card number. It's not sent to retailers when making payments.

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