I'm leaving my company, what do I do with my Swile Card?

Are you leaving your company and want to know what to do about your benefits? We explain everything in this article.

Don't throw away your Swile Card!

đź’ˇ Your card could be reusable in a future company if they also use Swile! All you have to do is let your HR know that you already have a Swile Card. From there, your current account can be credited directly.

What happens to my balance?

If you have meal vouchers at your current job, your employer can:

  • Let you use your Swile Card until your balance runs out. They won't add additional credit but you can use what you have left.
  • Request a reimbursement of your balance on the company account and then transfer it to your bank account.

👉 Contact your employer now to find out about the procedure established within the company!

If your current employer provided other benefits (such as gift vouchers):

  • You can use your card until the balance runs out. Hang on to it for your new company!

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