Your PIN is your personal 4-digit payment code linked to your card which allows you to pay at checkout! You can view it at any time in your Swile account. 😊

❌ It is different from the one-time code received by SMS, which was used to activate your account.

Here's how to find your PIN: 

From a computer đŸ’»:

You can find your PIN by logging into your Swile account.
Go to the two card icon _cone_deux_cartes.PNG in the bottom of your Swile app. If you view 4 icons, select the last one at the bottom right  mceclip0.png, then my Swile Cards section.

Then, select the card you need (you can find it using the last 4 digits of the card number) and click on Show PIN code.

Then follow the instructions to get your PIN.


From the Swile App đŸ“±:

Go to the Swile app and click the last icon on the bottom right. Then click on Swile Cards and swipe right or left to select the card you need.

Enter your Swile account password to see your PIN!

If you wish, you have the option of using face ID (facial recognition) or touch ID (fingerprint) on Apple-type phones.

This will unlock all your options with just the help of your face or your fingerprint! 


Do you have a virtual card?

You don't need a payment code! To use this card, install it on your phone to pay in stores or online.

Find all the information here .

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