No matter the occasion, you can create a 100% free collection and invite your colleagues. 


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How to create a collection ? 

From your Swile App 📱 :

No matter the occasion, you can create a 100% free collection and invite your colleagues. 

No matter the occasion, you can create a 100% free collection and invite your colleagues. 

First, make sure you have accepted the TOS (Terms and Conditions of Service). 
From your Swile App, click on the bottom middle icon mceclip0.png, then select mceclip1.png Create a collection.
If you have 4 tabs, it is also possible to press the last icon at the bottom right of your screen mceclip0.png, click on Collection, then click on the "+" at the top right of the screen.

Choose the occasion:   

Farewell Party
Housewarming party
Weekends and holidays 

Select who you are surprising ! Don't worry, she won't be told. 🤫  

Fill in all the requested information and select the colleagues you wish to invite. Don't hesitate to add a photo by clicking on "Edit" in the top right corner of the banner. If you prefer to invite your colleagues at a different time, just click on "Later". 

From your computer: 


From you Swile account, go to the Screenshot_20200513_170809.jpg section. 
- Click on the Create a 100% Free collection option at the top right.
- Choose the person you want to surprise from the list of your colleagues, she will not receive any notifications. 
- Configure your collection: collection name, description, deadline. You can even add a picture by clicking on "Edit picture" in the top right corner of the banner. 
- You can invite your colleagues when you create the collection or press "Invite later" to do so later.

Do I have to invite all my colleagues? 

The answer is no: choose only the colleagues you want to invite and edit the event at any time.
How do I modify my collection?

Nothing could be easier! 🤑

From your Swile App, just click on mceclip0.png, then collections and select the one you wish to modify. In the screen with the details, go to mceclip2.png More and choose the desired action. 

Alternatively, if you are logged into your Swile account from a computer, go to the NewsFeed and find the collection you want to edit under My Contributions. To do this, click on the... at the top of the collection's image, then choose from Edit, Invite or Delete collection.  

How do I spend the money in my collection? 

You can : 

Send the money to the recipient of the collection;
Make a bank transfer to your colleague or directly to your Swile account;
Make a bank transfer to the account of your choice. 

Are there any hidden fees? 

Again, the answer is no. The Swile Collection is 100% free 🥰


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