Payback your colleagues easily and quickly directly from the Swile App, using your personal Swile account.     



From the Swile App, go to the middle icon mceclip1.png, select mceclip2.png send money then enter the name of the colleague you want to pay using the magnifying glass 🔍 located at the top right.

To continue, you will have to read and accept our General Conditions of Service (CGPS) . You will only see this message once.

Please note, you cannot make more than 5 refunds per day.

Also, reimbursements cannot be made in meal vouchers or in gift vouchers.

Option 1: This is your first refund

Before you can payback a colleague, you add your bank card.

💡 Please note, you cannot reimburse your colleagues with meal vouchers, as they are reserved for purchasing food products.

When you make a first payment to a colleague, your bank may send a code by SMS to make sure that you are the initiator.

Click on Accounts (at the top of the screen), then Swile personal account .

Tap credit  then payment method and add a bank card .

Once the card is registered, indicate the amount you wish to send to a colleague. Write a nice message if you like, then click on confirm.

Option 2: You've already paid back a colleague

Enter the amount you want to pay, select your payment method (if you have more than one), click on confirm and you're done.

Here's some visuals 👇

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