How to refund a coworker? (new feature availble soon ⏳)

Here is how to make a refund with your Swile app 🌈 


How to do it? 

In your Swile application, click on the central icon  Image_d_iOS__2_.jpg dedicated to refunds. On the top right of the following screen, click on the search tool 🔍 and enter the name of your coworker you want to refund.

To go further and proceed, you will have to accept our General Conditions. This message will appear only once.

Option 1 : It is your first refund 

To refund your coworker, you will have to register your credit card 💳 . You cannot refund your coworker with meal vouchers since they are dedicated to buying food only 😋  
💡 For your first refund, your bank might send you a text message with a code in order to make sure you are initating the payment. 

Once your card is registered, fill in the blank with the amount you want to refund, and click on validate.

Option 2 : You already refunded a coworker

Fill in the blank with the amount you want to refund, choose the payment method (if you registered several personal cards for example), click on validate, and you're done ! 😁

Here's a little demonstration 👇



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