From June 12, 2020 until the end of June, 2022, you can spend up to €38 per day in restaurants. Notice the emphasis on "up to" because this rule is subject to conditions:

1. In restaurants, up to €38 / day:

  • Dine in, take out and Click and Collect
  • Via delivery platforms such as Uber Eats and Deliveroo

👉 Every day, weekends and holidays included.

2. Everywhere else, up to €19 / day:

  • Supermarkets (not including Aldi and Lidl)
  • Food shops: butchers, bakeries, etc.
  • Catering services: Frichti, Foodcheri, Nestor, etc.
  • Cafeterias

👉 Monday to Saturday, excluding public holidays.

3. How do you spend your balance?



💡 Good to know

Delivery platforms:

You can spend up to €38 per day on the Uber Eats and Deliveroo if the restaurant is eligible for the higher spending limit and accepts Swile!

Catering delivery services:

The higher spending limit only concerns restaurants. Catering services such as FrichtiFoodcheri or Nestor are unfortunately not included, therefore the spending limit remains at €19.

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