Create an event and invite my colleagues 🥂

Want to organise a workshop, birthday party, breakfast or afterwork? You can create an event and invite all your colleagues in the blink of an eye!



Create an event from your Swile App 📱 :



From your Swile App, go to the mceclip1.png  icon in the bottom middle, then select mceclip0.pngCreate an event.

Choose the occasion:

  • Afterwork
  • Birthday
  • Meetup
  • Restaurant
  • Sport
  • Workshop & Training
  • Other occasion

Detail your event information:


  • Edit photo
  • Choose a name
  • Define a venue
  • Add a web address
  • Set a date, start and end time
  • Select the visibility of the event.


  • Public: it will be visible to the whole company.
  • Private: it will only be visible to the people you choose to invite.

Invite your colleagues when creating the event, or click on Invite later to do it at another time.


Create an event from your computer 💻 :

Once you have logged into your Swile account, go to the NewsFeed section.
- Click on the Create an Event option in the top right-hand corner.

- Choose the occasion

- Add the event name, location and a description for your event, as well as the visibility of the event. (public or private).
- Determine the date and time

- You can invite your colleagues when you create the event or click on Invite later to do so later.

How to invite my colleagues :

Choose to invite all your colleagues by clicking on all or select the lucky ones by using the little magnifying glass 🔎.

Save the date: it is possible to add it to your own personal calendar, so you will receive a notification on the day, so you don't miss your event.

That's it, your event has been created, it will appear in your events feed and in your colleagues' 🚀.

How to find my events :
All your events can be found on the  mceclip1.png  You can, at any time, find: the number of people invited, those interested, those who wish to participate and a small map to view where the party will happen 🍻🚘

I've selected the wrong date! How to modify my event :

It could not be easier! Go to the event you wish to alter. Clicking on the More button and you can choose to modify or delete it.

You can also :

Select the option interested if you are not sure if you want to participate or confirm your participation
Invite other people
See the route to the party 🎂



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