Here are some things to take into account when paying with Swile meal vouchers on Deliveroo.

1. Registering your Swile account

You must link your Swile account to the Deliveroo app, directly from your profile. See how to do this this clicking here.

If you already have a meal voucher card (from another issuer) saved to your Deliveroo account, you must delete it to be able to link your Swile account.

2. The Swile filter does not work

At checkout, you don't have the possibility to select Swile even though you have filtered the restaurants that accept this method of payment?

We are very sorry for this.  We're actively working with Deliveroo so that there are no more filtering issues in the future! It's a lot of work, but we'll get there. In the meantime, try your luck with another restaurant!

3. The order total

You can pay up to €38 in restaurants that accept Swile and are approved for the higher spending limit. It's not possible to add an additional payment method to pay for orders over €38 or €19. The option to link your credit card to your Swile account is not functional for the moment. We are working with Deliveroo so that this is the case.

4. My order is not valid

Your meal voucher card allows you to buy food products only. Alcohol is unfortunately not one of them. Therefore, you can't pay for an order that includes alcohol. 🥂

Also, check that your meal voucher balance is sufficient to pay for your order. You can do this by checking your Swile account.

If you've followed everything above, but you still can't order, here's how to request a refund

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