Create an event and invite my colleagues to it (feature soon available ⏳)

Would you like to organize a workshop, a birthday, a breakfast or an afterwork ?🥂

You can create an event and invite all your colleagues really in the drop of a hat !

How can I do it?

From your Swile mobile application, go to the tab and click on the + in the top right corner to create an event.

Then, select the visibility of the event:

  • Public : it will be visible to the whole company.
  • Private : it will only remain visible to the people you choose to invite. 

Once the event has been created, you will be able to :

  • Modify the photo 
  • Choose a name 
  • Define a location 
  • Set a date, start and end time

 A little video recap? 👇


How do I invite my colleagues?

Choose to invite all your colleagues by selecting all of them or choose the lucky ones by using the small hand lens 🔎.

You can also postpone this step!

Keep the date: it is possible to add it to your own personal calendar. You will receive a notification on the D-day and won't miss it.

That's it, your event has been created, it will appear in your event feed and in your colleagues' feeds 🚀.

How do I find my events?

All your events can be found on the tab . You can, at any time, find: the number of people invited, those interested, those who want to participate and a small map to locate the place of the party 🍻🚘

I got the wrong date! How do I change my event?

Nothing could be easier ! Go to the relative event.  From the "More..." button, you can choose to edit or delete it.

You will also be able to :

Declare yourself as interested if you are not sure to participate or validate your participation.
Invite others
See the itinerary to go to the party 🎂

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