How to create a Swile jackpot (feature coming soon ⏳)

You can now create a 100% free jackpot and invite your colleagues! 

How do I create a Swile jackpot? 

  • From your Swile application, go to the icon. Then click on the + at the top right corner of your screen. 
  • Click on Create a 100% free jackpot and then choose the type of event to come. Choose in the list of your colleagues the person to celebrate : so he will not receive notifications. 
  • Configure your jackpot: Name of it, description, deadline. You can even add a photo by clicking on "Edit" at the top right corner of the banner.


Do I have to invite all my colleagues? 

The answer is no! You can select some of your colleagues or add all of them. 



How to spend the money from the kitty? 

You can: 

  • Send the money to the beneficiary of the kitty;
  • Make a bank transfer to your colleague or directly to your Swile account;
  • Make a bank transfer to the account of your choice. 


Are there any hidden charges? 

Again, the answer is no! The Swile jackpot is actually 100% free 🥰

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