How to take part in a collection ?

From your Swile App, if this option has been made available to you by your employer, you can participate in a collection 100% cost-free!


How to participate in a collection?

From your Swile App:

1. Go to your Swile App and click on the Screenshot_20200513_170809.jpg icon. You can view all the collections currently being organized.
2. Make sure you have accepted the GTCS (General Terms and Conditions of Service).
3. Select the collection you wish to participate in.
4. Enter the amount of the contribution, you can choose to hide it or not.
5. Select a payment method. You can choose your personal account, an already registered credit card or add one directly from this section.


From your computer:

1. Log in to your personal space and accept the GTCS (General Terms and Conditions of Service).
2. At the top of the screen, select the mceclip0.png
3. Search for the kitty in question and click on mceclip1.png
4. Enter the amount you wish to contribute, and add a payment method if you have not already done so.
Click again on participate to confirm your contribution.
5. You can find your different contributions at any time from the My contributions tab.


2. Can I participate in a collection using my employee benefits?

The answer is no. Your meal vouchers, gifts or mobility vouchers are reserved for the purchase of products related to their corresponding employee benefit. Therefore, you cannot use them to participate in a collection. 

3. With which payment method can I participate?

You can add as many credit cards as you like. This happens when you enter collection as explained above 👆. The credit cards are automatically registered, they will be offered to you each time you participate in a collection 😁.

4. Why can't I participate in a collection?

Check that the bank account linked to the card you have selected has enough funds to participate in the collection. If this is not the case, you can select another bank card.

Please note that it is not possible to participate in a collection if the issuing bank card is linked to American Express or Revolut as their cards are issued in the UK. Only cards issued in France and linked to French banks can be accepted to contribute to a collection.


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