What products are eligible for meal vouchers in supermarkets?


In supermarkets, you can pay with your Swile Card for products that are eligible according to the list issued by the Commission Nationale des Titres-restaurant (CNTR -The national French organization responsible for managing and regulating the use of meal vouchers):

Fresh products:


Dairy desserts - Yoghurts

Fruits & Vegetables


Prepared dishes

Fresh fish

Mixed salads


Savory pies - Quiches - Pizzas

Prepared meat, fresh meat


Canned foods

Prepared dishes

Processed fish

Prepared ready-to-cook meat

Processed meats


Bakery (excluding pastries)

Frozen foods:

Prepared meals

Frozen fish


Frozen foods excluding desserts and ice creams / sorbets

Savory pies - Quiches - Pizzas

Prepared ready-to-cook meat

Frozen processed meat


Still and sparkling water

Fruit juices and non-alcoholic drinks

Products that are NOT ELIGIBLE:
Unprocessed fish/meat in all departments
Products in bulk Ice cream - sorbets
Viennoiseries, pastries and other non-dairy based desserts
Alcoholic beverages
Pasta, rice, starches and other basic products
Any non-food product

⛑ Find here the list of items not eligible according to the CNTR.

💡 Good to know

Supermarkets register eligible products using this same list. If you think that a product has been incorrectly registered by the retailer, do not hesitate to talk to them about it, they can quickly change this! 💪

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