I don’t want to disclose my birthday to the rest of my company

At Swile, we let you celebrate your birthday within your company by notifying your colleagues that it’s indeed the special day.

Note that your year of birth will not appear: only the day and the month will be visible.

Your email address will also be hidden.

If you do not want this date to be disclosed to your colleagues, you can activate the incognito mode directly from the Swile App.

How to activate incognito mode from the mobile app:

First, open the Swile App 📱:

  • Click on the last tab (the 4 small dots on the far right)

  • Go "Profile"

Select Activate incognito mode

Your birthday will not be shown to other users. You will also not have access to your colleagues birthdays.

You can decide at any time to become visible again by deactivating this feature!

How to activate incognito mode from your computer:

First, go to your Swile login:

  • Click on your name at the top right of the screen
  • Select profile
  • Activate incognito mode at the bottom of the page.


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