You have gift vouchers and cannot spend them? Find in this article all about the situations in which you will exceptionally not be able to benefit from it. 
Find out everything you need to know about Swile gift vouchers in this article! 👌

With my smartcard 💳

1. Where can I spend?

You can spend your gift vouchers in partner stores that are related to the event for which you received your gift vouchers. (Employee's Christmas, Birth / Adoption, Back to school, etc.).

For example, if you received 100 euros in gift vouchers for Christmas, you can spend this amount with merchants that are on the Christmas list 🎅. You can find all these merchants here.

2. How to pay in supermarkets

You cannot pay for your purchases directly in supermarkets with your physical or virtual card.

However, if you wish to spend your gift vouchers at a retailer such as Leclerc for example, go to the Swile Deals & Discounts platform and buy a gift card. Once you have done this, you can then pay for your purchase at Leclerc using your gift card.

3. Can I combine several gift vouchers?

The answer is yes! Please note, however, that your different vouchers must belong to the same acceptance network.

For example, you can combine your Christmas vouchers and your wedding vouchers to buy a bottle of wine from Nicolas. On the other hand, you will not be able to combine a Christmas and Culture vouchers to buy this bottle.  💡 Important : This only works in stores and not on the platform (see below).

4. Can I pay more than the amount of my gift vouchers?

The answer is still yes! If the amount of your purchases exceeds your Gift Voucher Balance, you have the option to add another payment method to make up the difference.
There are two ways to do this: by using the balance in your Swile personal account or by activating the the top-up option. You can find more information here.
In all cases, the amount of your gift vouchers will be debited first, and then the remaining amount will be deducted afterwards according to the payment method chosen to make up the difference.

On the Deals & Discounts platform 💻

1. What offers are available?

You can spend your gift vouchers on offers that are related to the event of your gift vouchers.

For example, if you have received 30 euros in back-to-school gift vouchers, you can spend this amount on offers that are in the back-to-school list 😊. You can find them by clicking on Réductions & Billetterie directly on your Swile account.

2. Can I pay with multiple gift voucher balances?

On the Gift Swile platform, it is not possible to accumulate different gift vouchers. However, you can pay the difference using your bank card.

💡 Please note! If the total amount of your voucher exceeds the value of the purchase, enter your personal bank card to pay the difference (and not your Swile Card 😉).

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