Has your company chosen to offer you a subvention as an employee benefit? In this article, you will find everything you need to know!

What is the Swile subvention?

This is an amount offered by your work council (CSE) and must be spent on products and services belonging to the following categories:

  • Culture 📚
  • Leisure 🎲
  • Sport 🥎
  • Travel 🏝

The subvention can be allocated in 2 ways:

  • In the form of a collection: an amount will be credited by your company to your Swile account.
  • In the form of reimbursement: your company allocates an amount that will be reimbursed after showing an invoice.

How do I spend my subvention?

These grants can only be used on your Deals & Discounts Platform from your Swile account 💻.

They can't be spent in stores or online on the merchant site.

In the form of a collection 💰

Go to your Swile Deals & Discounts Platform. The amount of your subvention appears on the left side of your screen, click on it to discover the offers eligible for this benefit.

💡 Good to know! If the total amount of your collection exceeds the value of the purchase, enter your personal bank card to pay the difference (not your Swile Card 😉).

In the form of reimbursement 💶

Go to your Swile Deals & Discounts Platform. Then click on your initials at the top right and then on My refunds

Your subvention appears and you just have to click on Make a new request  to send your invoice to your work council.

For example, if your company offers you 50 euros in the form of a reimbursement and the amount of the subscription to your gym is 100 euros, you can be reimbursed 50 euros upon presentation of your invoice to the company.

👋 Before making a refund request, you will need to have your profile verified right here by verifying your personal information (contact details, address, IBAN) and attaching a valid and legible identity document.

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