On which online ordering platforms can I use my Swile Card?

Sometimes, we just want to treat ourselves by ordering a good meal... Fortunately, Swile Card is accepted on several online ordering platforms!

We even made a list!

Everywhere in France:

  • Deliveroo: find your favorite restaurants for delivery or click & collect! 💳 To pay: filter the "Swile (ex Lunchr)" category then, once your order has been placed, link your Swile account (we will explain all of this in detail here).
  • Uber Eats (only via the app): for delivery or click & collect, there's something for everyone! Filter your search "Meal vouchers / Swile accepted" to access partner restaurants. 💳 To pay: in your account settings, go to the " Payment " tab to add your Swile card (more info here).
  • Dejbox: fresh cooked meals for delivery! 💳 To pay: simply enter your Swile card during checkout!
  • FoodChéri: restaurant that delivers fresh and healthy dishes (available in Paris & Île-de-France, Lyon, Bordeaux, Lille, Nantes, Strasbourg, Toulouse). 💳 To pay: enter your Swile card during checkout!
  • Seazon: your freshly cooked meals delivered (free) for the week. 💳 To pay: link your Swile account to your Seazon profile.


  • Foodles: a connected and committed corporate cafeteria.
  • i-lunch: the first zero-waste digital canteen!

In Paris:

  • Nestor: your lunches are prepared the same day by Chef Nestor and his team. With no delivery fee, meals are sent to your home or office! 💳 To pay: enter your Swile Card during checkout.
  • Frichti: for homemade dishes with seasonal products. 💳 To pay: enter your Swile Card during checkout.
  • Phenix: save unsold items from businesses in your neighborhood at a low price: an ecological gesture that also saves you money. 💳 To pay: link your Swile account during checkout.
  • Pulp: this click & collect app allows you to order take out, no need to wait! 💳 To pay: enter your card during checkout.

Outside Paris:

  • Basil: online canteen dedicated to improving lunch breaks! (Available in Aix / Marseille, Montpellier, Sophia Antipolis, ZI Paluds). 💳 To pay: enter your Swile Card during checkout.
  • Sogood: delivery of fresh products prepared every morning! (Available in Lille, Bordeaux and Lyon) 💳 To pay: enter your Swile Card during checkout.
  • Toutunplato: delivery of fresh dishes prepared with raw and seasonal products from local producers! (Available around Reims). 💳 To pay: enter your Swile Card during checkout.

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