How to create or join a discussion with my colleagues ?

You can chat with your colleagues directly from your Swile App!  Find out all about the messaging feature below. 
To join a discussion, simply go to the tab mceclip0.png and then click mceclip1.png on the top left  of your Swile App to choose if you want to: 

- Create a new public group 

- Start a new private discussion 

- Join an existing public group

Within a discussion, you can send an attachment: photo, video, GIF, file, by selecting it directly from your phone. 

1. Create a public group:

Enter the name of the group, then select the people you want to invite, and finally click on continue.

The public group is created, everyone will be able to search and join the discussion 😀

2. Open a private discussion: 

You can open a discussion with one or more people, which will be only accessible for the concerned ones.

Go to the chat mceclip0.png icon in your Swile App, select the mceclip1.png at the top right of the screen and start a new private chat.

Then look for the names of the people you want to chat with. 


We explain everything, right here 👇 : 

3. Search and join a public group: 

Select the icon mceclip1.png that appears on the top right of your Swile App from the chat section, then click on mceclip2.png join a group.

All you have to do is choose the discussion you want to join! 

4. Interacting in a discussion:

At any time, you can react to a message by creating a thread on it. You just have to click on the message in question and then click on reply to the message.

You can also copy / paste the message if you wish. 

Finally, it is possible to interact by adding an emoji on the desired message! 

To do this, click on mceclip3.png for a moment and choose an emoji directly, or press and search for one. 


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