With your Swile Card, pay online or in stores! Here's how to find shops where you can use your Swile Card 🙌

Where can I find retailers that accept my card?

From your Swile account, go to the Where to spend section to see all eligible businesses on the interactive map.

For example, if you only have meal vouchers, only food stores approved by the CNTR (la commission nationale des titres-restaurant) appear on the map.

If you have several benefits (meal vouchers and gift vouchers) you can filter eligible merchants for each benefit category

Here's a video to help 👇


I can't find a store on the map?

You can suggest merchants so that we can verify their eligibility. After verification, they will appear on the map.

Where can I use meal vouchers?

In all establishments that are approved by the the CNTR (The national French organization responsible for managing and regulating the use of meal vouchers), which means they accept meal vouchers as a method of payment (restaurants, supermarkets, local shops, caterers ...). Find eligible retailers on the interactive map 👆.

Also pay on Deliveroo or Uber Eats as well as other delivery platforms.

💡 Did you know? Lidl and Aldi do not have legal approval from the national restaurant voucher commission. As a result, they will not be able to accept this method of payment, regardless of the issuer of the vouchers.

Where can I use gift vouchers?

  • In stores or online by checking the interactive map to find out which retailers are eligible. 👆

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