Good news! You can now get cashback on your meal voucher payments with Swile Card that goes directly into your personal Swile account. 
To explain in more detail, if you pay 20€ in Meal vouchers in an establishment that offers 10% cashback, you will get 2€ directly on your personal Swile wallet.

How does it work?

1st step:

Go to your Swile account and to the Where to spend section.

The interactive map appears. Click on the Cashback filter, and you can choose merchants near you that offer cashback. The percentage you can get appears when you click on it!
If you don't see the filter, update your app 📲


You can also find a complete list of establishments that offer cashback here.

2nd step:

Go to the merchant of your choice and make a purchase.

3rd step: Get paid! 🤑

You don't have to do a thing! The cashback will be credited to your Swile personal account automatically.

🚩 Before following steps 1-3, you will need to activate your personal account and your cashback. Any pending cashback will be valid for 15 days. Once in your personal account, it's yours to keep. 💪

To activate the cashback and your personal wallet, you must initiate a payment in an eligible establishment.



FYI: Cashback is not unlimited!

To check how many times you can still get cashback with a merchant, simply click on the transaction you've just made.

(The number of times cashback can be applied is specific to each merchant).


How can I use the money in my personal account?

You have 2 options:

• Transfer the money directly to your bank account. There is no minimum transfer amount.

• Use this money to pay for your next purchases, to pay back a colleague or to chip in to a collection!

The cashback on your account is not a voucher, so there no are limits as to what you can use.

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