Your Swile Card is getting a makeover!

Good news! You now have the possibility to personalize your Swile Card from head to toe and choose your own payment code. Here is everything you need to know to order a card that suits you:

What are the new features?

You can now order your Swile Card directly from your Swile App.

It’s easy: go to the My Swile Cards tab, click on the + at the top right, and you're done! If you don't see the My Swile cards section on your phone, just click on the two card icon _cone_deux_cartes.PNG in the bottom middle of your Swile app.

Even better: You can find the tracking link for your card directly from your Swile account and on the Swile App. In the My Swile Cards tab, just below your newly ordered card, click on Track my order to access it. This will be activated directly when ordering.

💡 As soon as your card is ordered, if you do not yet have a virtual card, one will be automatically installed and activated on your account: it will allow you to spend your balance while waiting for your new personalized card. You will be able to pay immediately as soon as you have installed it on your phone 24 hours after its activation. We give you all the information about it right here.

How will I be able to personalize my card?

You can choose the color of your card: intense black, pearly pink, glittering gold, steal gray or midnight blue, the choice is yours!

You can also add a personal engraving of up to 22 characters.

Best of all, you can now define your own pin code. You just have to choose the 4 digits of your your choice!

We show you everything in video right here 👇

From my Swile App 📱: 


From my computer 💻:  


When can I benefit from it?

For now, it’s only available to some of our customers. If you do not have the option of ordering a physical card for yourself by choosing its design, then you are not yet part of it. Rest assured, we will notify you as soon as this option is available to everyone! 

💡 The availability of colors for the personalization of your Swile Card depends on the stock at our partners. If we don't have a specific color in stock, this option will be removed from the app.

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