Has your employer given you gift vouchers for culture but you don't know how to spend them?

Don't panic, we'll explain it all to you here. Several options are available to you:

💳 Pay in stores or online with 100% cultural brands

You can use your Swile Card directly at these merchants. Keep in mind they must only sell products linked to culture, such as Cultura brands, bookstores, cinemas and museums. To find eligible stores near to you, go to the Where to spend section of your Swile account.

💻 Buy a gift card on your Deals & Discounts platform

Indeed, we are required to check that you use your Culture gift vouchers for culture-related products only.

However, when a brand also markets other types of products (like FNAC), the solution is to buy a gift card to use directly in store or on the website. We also suggest that you read the general conditions of use carefully as they differ from one brand to another.

To do this, go to your Swile account in the Deals & Discounts tab.

Filter by wallet on the left side of your screen to access eligible offers that correspond to that benefit. All you have to do is make your choice, add it to your cart and pay for the gift card with your gift vouchers by selecting the wallet you want to be debited. Here are some visuals to help:

🎉 You can now spend your Culture gift vouchers on Amazon!

Your Amazon Culture vouchers can only be used for the purchase of the following categories on Amazon.com :

  • Books (excluding ebooks and audio books)

  • DVD & blu-ray / CDs & vinyls (excluding music version digital)

  • Video games (excluding consoles, accessories and downloadable games)

  • Musical instruments (excluding accessories)

So how do you use your Amazon Culture vouchers?

Go to the site  www.amazon.fr, in your account, in the “Other payment methods” section. Click on Gift pass to add your gift card. This will automatically apply to your eligible purchases. You can also check your balance or add your voucher by following this link.Once it has been added, click on "View eligible product categories" or follow this link. You can find the terms of use  here.

If you need more information on purchasing a gift card, please read this.

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