🍂 Fall is approaching, it's back to school ...
❄ Then winter arrives and it's the magic of Christmas! So many occasions that put kids in the spotlight.

Your employer has decided to open a Children's gift vouchers account! Your Child gift vouchers  are linked to two events: back to school and Children’s Christmas.

We give you more details here 👇

🏪 How do I spend my gift vouchers in stores?

Your Child gift vouchers can be spent directly with your card at merchants that exclusively sell these products:

  • Fashion (fashion accessories, jewelry, clothing, shoes, etc.)
  • Leisure & sports equipment
  • Books, records and high-tech equipment
  • Toys and school supplies

💡 Please note, certain types of merchants are not eligible for your Child gift vouchers:

  • DIY & Decoration
  • Optical
  • Food
  • Cinemas, amusement parks etc.
  • Leisure, Travel ...

💻 Can I pay online?

Are you pressed for time? Don't panic, you can even order from your couch! Eligible brands are the same as mentioned above.

You can proceed to payment by entering your Swile Card information, like a classic bank card. Please note however that private sales sites or merchants outside of France are not eligible.

🎫 Buy a gift card on your Deals & Discounts platform

Take advantage of the many discounted offers thanks to our partners! Everything is explained here.

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