You are expecting an exciting event ... Congratulations! 👶

On this wonderful occasion, your employer gave you birth / adoption gift vouchers!

We explain how to celebrate this right here 👇

🏪 Pay in stores

Your Birth / Adoption gift vouchers can be spent directly with your card at merchants who exclusively sell goods and services related to childcare; for example: Jacadi, Bébé 9, Maxitoys, Du Pareil au même and many others!

💻 Pay online

You can pay online at stores selling exclusively goods and services related to childcare.

You can proceed to payment by entering your Swile card information, like a classic bank card.

Please note however that private sales sites or merchants outside of France are not eligible.

🎫 Buy a gift card on your Deals & Discounts platform

Take advantage of the many discounted offers thanks to our partners! Everything is explained here.

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