From your Deals & Discounts platform, you can find a space dedicated to Spectacles & événements, giving you to access to events like concerts, theater, music festivals and various others 🎉 . You can even share discounted rates with friends and family.

We’ve got everything you need to know in this article 👌.

How to find and choose an event ? 

Log in to your Swile account and go to your Deals & Discounts platform. If you are looking for a specific event, simply click on the search bar and type what you’re looking for. To see all available options, simply click in Spectacles & événements on the right of your screen.


Once you’ve chosen your event, details can be found in the description, like the date, ticket price, eligibility and ticket delivery conditions.

Can I choose my seats?

Some events offer the possibility of choosing your seats. To do this, select the date and time you want and click Choose seats. You’ll see a map of the venue and a list of seat options based on category that you can choose from. If the option to choose your seats isn’t offered, your seats will be next to each other (side by side or front/back) unless noted otherwise before purchasing your tickets.

Got your event picked out? Let's keep going 💪.

Can I use my gift vouchers to buy tickets?

There’s a few options for making purchases. 💡

Once the event has been added to your cart, simply click on View my cart to finalize your order.

🚨 You have 15 minutes to fill in the necessary information to finalize your order. After this time they will be automatically removed from your cart.

Depending on the event, you can pay directly with your eligible gift vouchers. The option will be available at checkout (eligibility is also in the event description before checkout).

If your vouchers are not eligible or if you no longer have gift vouchers (because you’ve had the opportunity to spend them all 🥳), you can always pay with your personal bank card for all or part of your purchase.

How do I get my tickets?

There are two categories of tickets: e-tickets and physical tickets. For e-tickets, it’s easy: once your order has been validated, just click on your profile at the top right of your screen, then on Order history. You’ll find all of your orders placed on your Deals & Discounts Platform. You can click on View details at the top right of each order and then Download.

For physical tickets, you can collect them at all the collection points in our network 😍. To do this, bring with you the following items (which is also in the PDF document that’s automatically provided when finalizing your order): the 6-digit collection code, your partner order number that can be downloaded from your order history, and a valid ID.

💡 No need to choose the pick-up point before hand, your tickets are available at all collection points in our network once your order is confirmed up until the day of the event.

💡 If you plan to collect your tickets on the day of the event, make sure of the opening days and hours where you’d like to collect them. Be aware that tickets can only be collected from partner sales outlets and not at the venue.

Can my tickets be collected by another person?

The answer is YES ✨. However, collection of your tickets by another person is only possible by presenting the following:

  • A written and signed statement,
  • A photocopy of your valid identity document,
  • Your partner order number and your 6-digit collection code available in your order history.

The event has been canceled or postponed, how can I get a refund?

If the event is cancelled, for reasons specific to the organizer that’s out of our control, you will be notified by email and we will automatically proceed with your refund.

If the event is postponed, you will have the the choose of keeping your tickets for the next date or refunding them.

For any other refund request, be aware that tickets purchased on the platform are non-exchangeable and non-refundable. Once your order has been confirmed and your tickets issued, it will no longer be possible to cancel the order. Be sure to carefully consider details of the event before confirming your purchase.

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