Have you bought a beautiful bike, an electric scooter or your public transport pass and you haven't paid with your Swile Card? Send us your invoice! We’ll take care of it as it dates from the current calendar year.

Make your refund request:

It’s easy:

1 - Go to your Swile Account (via our app or our website) and click on your Mobility wallet

2 - Click on Refund request

3- Select the type of expense you have made. If it is a public transport subscription, select transport subscription. If it is another type of expense, select sustainable mobility expenses.

4 - Make your refund request by taking a photo of your invoice or receipt (Please note, this must be clearly legible 😉). You must also provide a description for the purchase and the total amount spent.

5 - After validating your request, you will receive the refund within 48 hours directly on your personal Swile account. Find here how to use your personal account.

Here are some visuals to help:


Apply for an automatic monthly reimbursement:

You can automate your monthly refunds, it’s easy! If it’s:

  • Reimbursement of annual transport subscription: you simply need to send your annual transport receipt once to be reimbursed automatically each month

    You will no longer need to repeat your request every month.

  • Reimbursement of your mobility purchases: you can submit a request for your expensive purchases, even if your balance is insufficient. Send us your invoice once and you will be reimbursed automatically each time your mobility wallet is recredited.

Just like for a classic reimbursement, once your initial request has been validated, you will receive the reimbursement within 48 hours directly in your personal Swile account every month.

Track your reimbursements on the Web App from your Swile account:

You can follow the status of all your reimbursement requests made with your Mobility benefits from your Web App. This will allow you to access your open and/or closed requests.

  1. Go to your Swile account

  2. Click on your Mobility wallet

  3. At the top right, click on My refund requests

The details of all your closed and ongoing requests will be available.

Below is a video to help you review your requests:

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