My card is about to expire, what happens?

Your Swile Card is reaching the end of its life and you’re wondering how to get a new one? We have everything planned! Find out in this article how card expiration and renewal works at Swile:

How long is my Swile Card valid for?

If your card was issued before 2021, it’s valid for 3 years. However, Swile Cards created from 2021 are valid for 4 years. You can find the expiration month and year of your on the back of your card after EXPIRE A FIN.

Order your new card yourself!

One month before your Swile Card expires, you’ll get an email from us letting you know when your card will no longer be active. We’ll ask for an address to send a new one.

Simply click on the link to fill in and confirm your delivery address. Once that’s done, we’ll take care of the rest! There’s no need to involve your employer.

The order will be carried out automatically and you’ll receive your card at the address given within 5 to 8 business days! No fees are charged for renewal.

Important: If you have ordered an additional card at your expense from your account, you will not receive our email about an expiring card. If you want an additional card linked to your account, you can order one by paying the applicable fee.

I can't find Swile's email, or I have an account without an email

If you didn't get our first email, don’t panic. We'll send a few reminders throughout the month to let you know your card is about to expire, so don't forget to order your card. 💳 Don't forget to check your spam too.

If you can't find our email or if you don't have an email address linked to your Swile account, and your card is approaching or has passed the expiration date, don't hesitate to send us a message at the bottom of the page so our team can help you!

Give new life to your old Swile Card, recycle it!

We know how important it is to take care of our planet, so we thought about what could be the best destination for your old card. Once your new Swile Card is activated, the old one is automatically deactivated as a security measure and you can then recycle it. To do this, you just have to put it in an envelope and send it to the following address: 




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