How do I get reimbursed for bicycle kilometer allowance?

With the bicycle kilometer allowance, you can get reimbursed for your home-work commutes by bike.

Make your refund request via your app or a computer

1- Go to your Swile account (with the app or a computer) and click on your Mobility wallet.

2 - Then click on Request a refund

3 - Select the type of request you want to make, here it’s  Bicycle kilometer allowance

4 - Complete your request by filling in some additional info:

  • Distance in km between home and work (one way),
  • The month you’re requesting a refund for
  • Number of journeys made in the month indicated.

5 - Once that’s done, you can confirm your request and it’ll be sent to our team.

As soon as your request is validated, you’ll receive the refund within 48 hours directly on your personal  Swile account. Find  here  how to use your personal account.

Here’s some visuals to help:


Keep in mind: Refund requests for bicycle kilometer allowances can only be made once per month for the current calendar year.

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