What to do in case of a train strike ?

If you have any doubts about whether a train will run during a strike, you can check which trains are running on SNCF.com the day before departure, from 5pm. Before this time, it is unfortunately impossible to know whether a train will be maintained or cancelled.

The SNCF will also send you an email and/or a text message at the latest the day before departure (depending on the information you have entered in your Swile Business Travel profile) to warn you of the cancellation of the train.

If you have not received an email or SMS after 5pm the day before departure, this means that your train is not affected by the disruption.

My train has been cancelled and I no longer wish to travel

The ticket for a cancelled train is systematically exchangeable and 100% refundable regardless of the initial sales conditions. If you do not wish to continue your journey, you can simply cancel the reservation on your Swile Business Travel profile to obtain a refund.

If the cancellation incurs costs, you can still confirm it and then contact us with the reference of your booking so that we can make a claim to SNCF for the refund of the costs.

My train has been cancelled, but I want to keep my journey

If you want to keep your journey, you have two options:

  • Make a new reservation, then cancel the current one on your Okarito by Swile profile
    Make a paid exchange.

In both cases, please contact us so that we can then file a claim with the SNCF for reimbursement of the costs. The processing time for these claims is very long (about 3 to 6 months) and we will reimburse your company as soon as the SNCF has reimbursed us.

I have a journey on a TER

A TER ticket is valid all day. You can therefore board another TER on the same day without any problem.

If there are no other TER trains on that day: You will have to make a new reservation (for another type of train) and inform us once this is done. We will then ask SNCF to reimburse the difference in price between the new train reserved and your original TER ticket.

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