In this article you will find all the information you need to better manage your employees' expenses thanks to analytical codes.

What is an analytical code?

It is a code applied on the platform by your employee at the time of booking. It allows you to have a better vision of the reasons for your employees' trips, and therefore to better manage your travel budget!

How can I activate and create the analytical codes?

Setting up analytical codes is optional. You can decide whether or not to make these codes mandatory when making a reservation.

From your Okarito by Swile Administrator profile, go to the Analytical codes page and follow the steps indicated here 👇

From this page, you can see all the analytical codes created at your entity level. You will also be able to view who created the code, modify it or delete it.

💡 The OTHER code is the only one created by default and pre-existing, and which cannot be deleted. We set it up to give your staff the option to select it if they are unsure of the correct code to use when booking.

Is the code wrong? Don't worry, you can change it later, once the booking is confirmed.

How do I change or delete an analytical code?

To change a code, simply click on the pencil icon and save your change once you've finished. We show you how to do this here 👇

To delete it, you just have to click on the little red bin. Easy, isn't it?

What happens if I delete an analytical code?

Don't worry! If your costing code has already been used for your employees' bookings, the information will still be stored and will eventually appear in your invoices for the bookings concerned.

If you find that you need the code you deleted again, you can easily recreate it with the same name.

How can I see which bookings have been made with a specific costing code?

There are 2 main options available to you:

  • You can filter the bookings by code from your Bookings page
    You can find the code in your Reservations Export
    You can also find the cost code clearly visible in your invoices, in the description of the details of each booking.

And then how do they work?

Once your Analytical Code has been created, your staff will find it at the last stage of the booking process. You can find more information on the subject here.

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