What is a BlueBiz programme and how can I integrate it into my Swile account?

BlueBiz is the result of an international partnership between Air France, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and Delta Air Lines. Launched in 2009, BlueBiz is a loyalty programme for business travellers.

1. How does Air France BlueBiz work?

When an employee travels on one of these airlines, the company earns what are known as Blue Credits. To do this, the traveller simply needs to enter his or her BlueBiz account number each time a reservation is made. As soon as the flight is over, the company's account will be credited with Blue Credits.

The conversion of a Blue Credit is simple:

1 Blue Credit = €1

These Blue Credits can be used to pay for another trip or for airport taxes and other surcharges when booking a subsequent flight.

For example, when an employee takes a long-haul Business trip, such as Paris-New York, with Air France, his or her account will accumulate Blue Credits up to 200 Blue Credits, i.e. 200€. The employee will then be able to book their next trip directly on the airfrance.com website with their Blue Credits.

It is important to note that an employee who also holds a Flying Blue card also earns Miles on his or her personal account.

2. How do I create a BlueBiz corporate account?

To become a member of the BlueBiz loyalty programme, you must first create your account. To do this, simply fill in this quick form.

As the service explains, the accumulation of points, or Blue Credits, is retroactive up to 3 months before the creation of your account in order to quickly benefit from the advantages of the programme offered by the partner airlines.

It is now possible to automatically link your BlueBiz account with your membership of the Flying Blue frequent flyer programme. This means you can access your BlueBiz account directly from your Air France, KLM or Flying Blue membership.

3. How do I enter my BlueBiz programme on the Swile platform?

From now on, all business travellers who are Swile customers will be able to use these Blue Credits when booking a flight with the partner airlines of the Air France loyalty programme.

Employees will therefore be able to collect points through the corporate loyalty programme and earn miles on their personal account at the same time. 

To connect your BlueBiz corporate account with Swile, simply send us a message by chat or via this form.


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