On our platform, a team is the entity that allows the implementation of a validation process, because each team includes :

  • A group of users
  • A travel policy: the rules for validating reservations
  • At least one validator (often a manager): this is a user who is responsible for validating booking requests in accordance with the rules of a travel policy.

Therefore, you will have to create as many teams as you need for different validation processes (Premium accounts only).

To do this, go to Teams from the Administration menu.

From here you can view your current teams, create new ones and administer them individually by clicking on one of them.

Once you have clicked on a team, go to Travel Policy to define the rules for validating trips for that team.

You decide the level of validation: systematic validation of bookings, no validation of bookings or validation of bookings if the price of the trip exceeds a certain budget.

☝️ The list of validators appears at the very top of this page, click on ➕ to add one. Only users who already have an account on the platform can be promoted to validator.


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