Each travel policy is linked to a team. This allows you to define validation rules specific to a group of users which may be a department, subsidiary, business group or any other entity within your organisation.

To edit a travel policy, go to Administration > Teams where you can view all your teams.

Click on the team whose travel policy you wish to change and go to the Travel Policy submenu 👇




From here you can :

  • Promote a user in this team to the role of validator or remove this role
  • Decide on the level of validation of air, rail and hotel travel: systematic validation of bookings by a validator, no validation of bookings or validation of bookings by a validator, if the price of the trip exceeds a certain budget.



Why can't I enter the maximum budget for air travel?

We are convinced that a fixed maximum budget is not relevant for this type of transport for at least 2 reasons:

Distances: whatever the class of travel and the dates, the price of a flight from Marseille to Lisbon will have nothing to do with a flight from Paris to Sydney for example.
Price volatility: in this sector, prices vary greatly depending on the occupancy rate of the aircraft at the time you make your booking.
Faced with these constraints, if you choose the off-budget option, an algorithm developed by us will determine a suitable budget. Based on the actual prices observed at the time of your search on the route and on the desired dates, it will estimate a reasonable average price not to be exceeded.


Any changes you make to a travel policy will have immediate effect on all future bookings for that team.


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