To have access to the modification of user accounts you must have the rights of validator of a team or administrator of your company account.

From which page can I modify a user account?

  • If you are a validator: go to the My teams tab, click on your team to see all the members before selecting the one you want to modify.
  • If you are an administrator: go to the Administration tab, click on the team you want to work in to see all the members of that team, before selecting the one you want to modify.

In both cases, you will arrive on a page of this type ⬇️


Then click on the little pen next to the name of the user you want to change to access their traveller profile 👇


You will then be able to edit :

  • All his traveller information, including the billing entity or entities he can use
  • His team, by clicking on the name of his current team at the top right of the screen (here Okarito Test)
  • His passport(s)
  • His loyalty programs

From this page, you can also delete the user's account simply by clicking on Deactivate user at the bottom left.


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