You can pay for meals on Uber Eats (not just Uber) with your Swile meal vouchers account! Here's how to do it:

1. Go to your Uber Eats app

Important: Payment with your Swile Card is only available from the Uber Eats app .

From your account, click on Payment (Wallet) → Meal voucher then Swile. Enter your Swile credentials  and voila! Your account is then registered for future orders 😊




2. Place your order

You can only pay with your Swile account on Uber Eats in restaurants that accept it on the platform.

To search, click filter (top right of your screen) then Meal vouchers  / Swile accepted. 😎



💡 Good to know

You can't pay delivery fees with meal vouchers (which are intended for the purchase of food products). Therefore, you need to link a bank card as a second method of payment to finalize your order!

Also, you can't tip Swile meal vouchers (ex Lunchr).

📍 If there's a problem, don't hesitate to check out this article.

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