You can pay for your meals on Deliveroo with your Swile meal vouchers account! Here's how to do it:

1. Go to Deliveroo

Directly from your Deliveroo account (app or computer), go to your profile and select payment methods and then add a meal card.

Click on Carte Swile (ex Lunchr) or Titres-Restaurant depending on the model of your phone. Then use your Swile credentials to link your account to Deliveroo. 😉

This will now be automatically saved in the Deliveroo app for your next order! 🎉

2. Place your order

From the filters / categories, select Swile Card  at the bottom of the list to find restaurants that accept Swile Card on the platform.

3. Order confirmation

Your Swile account will be automatically registered in the Deliveroo app upon validation of your order. You can choose this method of payment for futur orders. 🎉 

Here's a video showing what to do in the mobile app 👇



Here's a video showing what to do on a computer 💻:




💡 Good to know

You can find restaurants near you that accept Swile by typing the word Swile into the search engine of the Deliveroo app!

Note that you can pay up to €38 in restaurants that accept Swile and are approved for the higher spending limit.

It's not possible to add an additional payment method to pay for your orders over €38 or €19. The option to link your bank card to your Swile account does not work on the platform: we are actively working with Deliveroo to resolve this issue.

📍 If you have a problem with the Deliveroo platform, don't hesitate to check out this article.

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