What if I don't recognize a transaction on my account?

In this article, we explain what to do if you see a payment that you don't recognize.

Identify the transaction

Sometimes the merchant name that shows up on your Swile account is different than the actual merchant. First, remember to check the date and the amount. We can give you additional information if needed.

Dispute a transaction

After checking on your end you believe that you are not the initiator of a transaction, you can contact us through our request form or by clicking on Report a problem  on the payment in question.

Here's the process 👇

  • Go to your Swile account
  • Then in My wallets to display the list of transactions if you are connected to your account from your computer. 
    If you are accessing your account from your Swile App, select the icon mceclip1.pngto check your latest transactions.  
  • Finally, click on the transaction in question and Report a problem


Explain the situation in detail: any information is essential to help you. Rest assured that we will take all necessary measures!

In addition to our legal obligations in terms of prevention against the risk of fraud, and in order to constantly improve our security measures, we have a dedicated team that analyzes each situation 🕵️‍♀️.

Secure your account and your card

In the slightest doubt, we advise you to freeze your card and change your account password as well as your email password attached to your Swile account. To temporarily freeze your card: 👇

  • Go to your Swile account
  • Then My Swile Cards
  • and finally Freeze my card



                                                                          This action freezes the card, but you can unfreeze it at any time.

To change your password 👇

  • Go to your Swile account
  • At the top right click on your name
  • Then Profile
  • And finally enter the new password then click on Save

We recommend that you use a complex and unique password for your Swile account. You can follow this article for more tips on choosing your password.

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