You’ll need to verify your profile to be able to spend the balance in your personal account directly with your Swile Card. You’ll also need it to authorize money transfers that are more than €150 on your account linked to a collection or a refund.

1. How do I verify my profile?

It’s easy! The verification is carried out in two stages.

First prepare one of the following identity documents:

  • A valid identity card
  • A valid passport
  • A residence permit

From your Swile mobile app, go to the last tab, then settings and click on the profile tab.

From your computer, go to your login area, then click on your name (top right).

Select verify profile or profile not verified.

Scan one of the requested documents then validate with a short video of your beautiful face.

Check that your internet connection is good and that the room you are in has enough light. 💡

Then, your profile will be validated within approximately 24 hours.

Once verified, you can then spend your collection, payback a colleague or credit your personal account!

2. I do not wish to validate my profile:

With European regulations, it’s mandatory to verify the identity of a beneficiary when more than €150 has been transferred to an account. You will not be able to use this sum if your profile is not validated.

3. Validation of my profile did not work.

Don't worry it will work! A few things to check.

  • Verify that the ID you provided is valid.
  • The information that appears on your ID is identical to that recorded in your Swile account.
  • Test again in a well-lit room with a good internet connection and make sure your camera is in good condition.

4. Will my data be resold?

The answer is no. Swile stores your data on a secure server , but does not resell it under any circumstances and strives to strictly comply with the rules provided for by French and European legislation. No processing for commercial purposes is carried out with your data.

💡 Good to know

You can find all information relating to GDPR issues in our Privacy Policy, right here.

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