What is strong authentication for your device?

At Swile we take matters related to the security of your account and cards very seriously. You will surely have to carry out sensitive operations from your account, we'll explain in this article what this implies in terms of securing your data.

What is strong authentication for?

Multi-factor authentication allows the user to perform sensitive actions, usually from a computer, tablet or smartphone. It aims to secure these operations by ensuring that the right user is the origin of these operations.

What are sensitive operations?

  • Actions relating to managing your account 👉 Change contact details, shopping on the Deals & Discounts platform, ordering cards, etc.).
  • Online payments (Dejbox, Basil, Frichti, etc.).

How it works ?

In order to carry out a sensitive action on your account, you will have to provide at least two verification steps that prove that the owner of the account is indeed the origin of the request.

The two steps to take can be a pin code, password, fingerprint ...

Here's some visuals to help 👇 



👆 This is the verification journey for your device. Once it's done, it's done! Do it again for each device you use to log in to your Swile account.

You can check in your account settings to see if your device is successfully registered.

Am I obligated to take this action?

This action will be requested by Swile's services during each sensitive action. So the answer is yes.

The goal?

Guarantee a strict identity and access management policy, and reduce the chances of a cyberattack 🦹‍♂️.

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