I am not the source of a payment on my account, what should I do?

Have you received a notification in the middle of the night or noticed a debit that you believe was not the origin on your account? This is probably a late bank submission. Don't worry, this is normal banking behavior. We explain everything in this article!

What is a late submission?

This is a bank transaction that is debited from your account after the date of payment. That is to say that you receive the bank compensation a few days after having paid at the merchant.

Your Swile Card is debited immediately, so this situation is very rare!

What solution can I benefit from?

The direct debit took place on a day when you intended to use your Swile Card and impacted your daily balance?

Pay the costs with your personal bank card and keep the receipt. We can then transfer the amount relating to your purchase from your Swile account to your bank account the day after the bank adjustment in question. So it's as if you had paid directly with your Swile Card.

How can I see it on my account?

A payment line appears with the description Régularisation automatique (Automatic Adjustment). This means that it is a late bank submission for a payment made previously.

You can also browse your transaction history to verify that one of your transactions for the same amount at the same merchant has not been wrongly refunded. This could also explain that the banking system is withdrawing this amount for payment. 😉

💡 If the mention Régularisation automatique  does not appear on your account and you do not recognize the charged transaction, temporarily freeze your card and contact our services.

Do not hesitate to make a request using the form at the bottom of this page. 👇

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