How do I see my balance and transactions?

Your Swile account allows you to view your balance and recent transactions at any time. Here's how 👇

How is my account credited?

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I want to check my balance from a computer đź’» 

Log in to your account from the website and click on the My Wallets tab. You can see the balance of all your wallets as well as your recent transactions.

By selecting a wallet, you can view transaction details related to that account.

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I want to check my balance from my app đź“±

In your Swile App, go to the first tab (bottom left of your screen) to see your different wallets and your balance. All of your recent transactions will be there.

Like with a computer, when selecting a wallet you can see all recent transactions relating to it.

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We show transactions of the last 6 months on your account. To get transaction history for more than 6 months, send us a message by clicking below. 👇

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