To promote more sustainable commutes in your daily life and find an alternative to traveling by car, your company may or has already provided you with these benefits.

What are the different home-work support possible with the Swile Card?

  1. Public transport subscription / public bicycle rental services:⚖️

    Your employer covers 50% of the cost of subscription tickets taken out by employees. This is according L.3261-2 labor code.

  2. Sustainable Mobility Package:

    Possibility for the employer to encourage so-called green-mobility means of transport via an exempt allowance of up to € 500 / € 600 per year and per employee for home-work commutes. Applicable starting January 1, 2020 via the LOM Law of 2019 and optional.

Focus on the sustainable mobility package:

The employer is offered the possibility of covering the transport costs of the employees, provided that they use so-called “soft” or “alternative” mobility to get to the workplace.

These are the following modes of transport:

  • Personal bike, electric or not (purchase and maintenance)
  • Carpooling as a driver or passenger;
  • Public transport, excluding subscription (purchase of single tickets)
  • Other shared mobility services (self-service electric scooter rentals, self-service bike rentals etc.)

How to spend these benefits?

You can pay with your Swile Card in mobility stores . In this case your mobility balance will be debited automatically. Otherwise, if you made a mobility purchase with your personal bank card, you can request a refund from your account Swile.

You cannot pay directly with your Swile Card at general retailers (Décathlon, Go sport, etc.). In this case you will have to pay with your bank card and request a refund.  Your personal Swile account will be credited within 48 hours. To do this, click on your Mobility wallet and then on Refund request. If you want to know more about refund requests, go here!

Public transport subscription.

Your company is required to reimburse you for at least 50% of your public transport subscription.

We’ve made this process even easier! Activate your personal account, credit it with the amount payable by you and pay your subscription directly via your Swile Card. Automatically, 50% of your subscription will be debited from your mobility account and 50% from your personal account. No more paying out of pocket or sending invoices to your company.

If you have already paid for your public transport subscription, you can also send us a refund request directly through your Swile account.


Duration of validity of mobility benefits

Mobility benefits are valid for the current calendar year. Ex: if you are refill in 2022, no matter what month, on December 31, 23:59 2022, the mobility benefits on your account will be returned to your company's coffers.

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