Is it possible to choose a seat when booking a train?

When booking a train, if the type of ticket you have selected allows it choose your seats! 

When searching for a train, and just after selecting a train and a fare for a one-way or round-trip, the app will offer you the optional step of choosing your seats 👇

  • Choose your seating preferences
  • Travelling next to a colleague
  • Or choose your exact seat, according to the train map (Service only available in 1st class and for SNCF or Lyria TGV)

1. Choose your investment preferences 💺


This option allows you to specify your seat preferences to the SNCF, which their system will endeavour to follow, depending on remaining availability. However, nothing is set in stone and there is no guarantee that SCNF will be able to respect your preferences. 


2. Travelling with a colleague


With this option, you can enter the carriage (or wagon) number and seat number of a person who has already booked a ticket on that train, so that the SNCF seat allocation system can choose a seat for you as close as possible to the one you entered. However, as mentioned above, there is no guarantee that SCNF will be able to respect your preferences ☝️


3. Choose your seat according to the train map

This is the only option that can really guarantee you the seat of your dreams, but it is only available in 1st class, and only on SNCF and Lyria TGV trains.


Then a flap opens showing you, for each car, and each room (a train has an upper and lower room if it has a floor), the seats still available in green:




By clicking on an available seat, it turns blue, and you can then confirm your choice, to guarantee your placement 🙂


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