How to book a train ticket on Swile?

Thanks to this step-by-step guide, booking train tickets from your Swile Business Travel profile will no longer hold any secrets for you! 

☝️ Pre-requisite: to have filled in the passenger profiles as well as their cards/subscriptions and/or loyalty programme.

1. To book a train ticket, go to the Swile homepage

By default, because we are resolutely in favour of a lighter carbon footprint, you go directly to the train reservation page. All you have to do then is click on Return or One way depending on your needs.

To start the search, type the first few letters of the name of the desired station or city in the first field. You will then be presented with a list: select the desired destination. 



Please note that you must click in the list to enter the destination, otherwise the search will not work.

Now that you have selected your outward and return journeys, you must enter the dates of your trip. To do this, click on Out and then +Add return (if needed).

First select the day you want, then the time. Do the same for the return.



You are almost there!

All you have to do now is add the passenger(s) by clicking in the Who's going? field and typing the first few letters of each passenger's first or last name.



2. Start the search

After following these first steps, you can now click on Search. This will take you to the train reservations page.


3. Select the desired train

To select a train, simply click on the price displayed, either 2nd or 1st class. It is not possible to mix classes for different passengers: if you want 2nd class for one passenger and 1st class for another, you will have to search separately.


You can also navigate through this list by clicking on Earlier or Later which will allow you to display the journeys of the day at different times.

In the right-hand box, you will find a summary of the trip you have chosen: price per passenger, route, date and time of travel, fare conditions, everything is there 🙂

4. Use the search filters

On the left, in the grey block, you can sort your journeys either by fare (Eco, Semi-Flex and Flex) or by number of connections (direct train, or with one or more connections).


  • The Eco option shows the cheapest tickets. This normally includes non-exchangeable and non-refundable tickets.
  • The Semi-flex option excludes all tickets that are non-exchangeable.
  • The Flex option only shows tickets that are exchangeable and refundable without charge. To be favoured if you only want to see Carte Liberté fares appear first.

5. Choice of train

If you are happy with your choice of train, you can click on Confirm outward trip at the top right.

If you have a return journey, you will need to follow the same steps as for the outward journey and then click on Confirm Return.

6. Choice of seats

It is now time to choose your seats. Please note that this is only a seating preference and we have absolutely no control over it. When you make your reservation, the SNCF algorithm will allocate the seats, taking your wishes into account. 


Select the desired seats with the drop-down menus, then press Validate this choice. You can also decide not to choose a specific seat and check Ignore this step.

7. Proceed with the booking 

You will then be taken to the following summary page:



 ⚠️When booking a train ticket, an option is automatically set once the seats have been chosen. This option has a limited duration, so do not delay in validating the reservation.

We have no control over the duration of the option. This is an arbitrary decision by the SNCF. 

Therefore, if you are sure of your choice of trains, fill in all the fields proposed: reason for the trip, billing entity and means of payment. Click on Request booking. That's it! 🙂



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