The answer is yes, depending on your type of benefit 🎁. We explain how to do it in this article 👇.

Can I spend all types of benefits on e-commerce sites?

Your company can credit you with different kinds of benefits: gift vouchers and subventions. Only gift vouchers can be spent on merchant websites. If you have benefits credited with a subvention, you can spend it on your  Swile Deals & Discounts platform. We explain everything there is to know about subventions in this article 🚀.


Nothing's easier! Your Swile Card is a classic payment card that used the Mastercard network. In this sense, you just have to enter your card numbers on the merchant site where you want to spend your vouchers. Go to the site in question, choose your product, validate your cart then enter your card numbers to make a payment 👌.

Please note that private sales sites or merchant outside of France are not eligible.

💡 The amount of your purchase must not exceed your vouchers! If you want to pay more than the amount in your Swile account, activate the top up feature.


Your company offers gift vouchers in connection with a specific URSSAF event. Some shops offer other products than those related to the Adult, Child, Baby or Culture vouchers. In this case, you must purchase a gift card to make your purchase on the site. This is the case for FNAC and Amazon. Here is an article that explains how to buy a gift card on your Swile Deals & Discounts platform.

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